Thank you for having an interest in bringing Climate Crossover into your classroom! If you would like your professor to engage your class in conversation regarding climate change during the week of Earth Week (April 13-22), please complete the form below, and they will be sent an anonymous email from Awaken State (you can view the email at the bottom of this page).

If you are interested in combating climate change at Penn State further, please contact Cara Fliegel at

The Email Your Professor Will Receive:

Dear [Professor’s Name],

A student enrolled in your class, [Class name], has suggested that your class would be a great addition to Climate Crossover: a university-wide program where faculty are invited to integrate climate-related topics into their coursework and collaborate with other participating classes.

Here is a message from your student:

[Optional personal note]

I strongly believe that our class could benefit from participation in this event. As your student, I respectfully request that you make room in our syllabus in the week of April 13-22 to discuss how climate change, environmental justice, and other climate-related subjects interact with our current material, or collaborate with other participating courses on a climate-related project.

Many of your students feel scared and anxious about climate change. Though I’ve chosen to remain anonymous in this request, I am among the 90% of students that do not believe Penn State is preparing us well for our climate future (see survey results here). I do, however, believe that people can take meaningful action to stop climate change . . . and that our classroom is a great place to start.

Following requests from my peers, over 40 courses at University Park will participate in Climate Crossover Week, from April 13-22. Faculty are participating in all sorts of exciting, unique ways––from research projects to class discussions to public art installations. I hope that you will allow us join them, so we can work together to engage this issue collaboratively and creatively.

You can sign up to join Climate Crossover or reply to this email to get in touch with the organizers: a coalition of faculty, staff, and students called Awaken State.


A Concerned Student