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Sustainability Groups and Initiatives

If you have a suggestion of something to add to our list, just get in touch!



  • Sustainability Institute: A university-run institution designed to support sustainability efforts on campus, including community engagement, curriculum development research, and operations.
  • Drawdown Conference: Partnership between PSU and Project Drawdown to explore research and strategies related to decreasing emissions. Videos of talks are available at the website.
  • The Rock Ethics Institute: A PSU department tackling on an array of ethics issues, including climate change, though academics and community outreach.
  • Institute of Energy and the Environment: An interdisciplinary research institute building partnerships between academic units to develop climate-focused solutions to architecture, energy, and health and water systems.
  • Stuckeman Sustainability Research Cluster: A group of faculty and graduate students focused on sustainabile architecture.


  • State College Crop Mob: Cooperative Organization that Connects Community Members and Students with Local Farmers
  • PSU Community Garden: Open to students, staff, faculty, and community members not affiliated with the university.
  • Waste Stream Task Force: Focused on operational and academic assessment of campus waste.
  • Greenbuild: Experimental housing built in a collaboartion with the College of Arts & Architecture and State College Land Trust

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