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Calendars of Events

Penn State – https://news.psu.edu/topic/sustainability

Sustainability Institute – http://sustainability.psu.edu/calendar 

Institute for Energy and the Environment https://iee.psu.edu/events


Oct 13

Oct 14

Engaging Students in Sustainability through Curricular and Co-curricular Opportunities

Students gain exposure to and experience with Sustainable Development topics through a variety of both curricular (in-class) and co-curricular (out-of-class) educational opportunities. On October 14th at 3 p.m., Peter Buck (Academic Programs, Sustainability Institute) and Doug Goodstein (Engagement Programs, Sustainability Institute) will present resources for student sustainability education across the co-curriculum. Multiple topics will be covered, including:  

  • Courses in general education with attention to the integrative studies requirements
  • Sustainability Leadership
  • Environmental Inquiry and Food Systems minors
  • Ways students can bridge the gap between curricular and co-curricular learning
  • Ways students can get involved out of the classroom to expand their core sustainability competencies

This webinar is intended for advisors and educators but is open to everyone. Please register in advance via this link.

Oct. 19-21

REGISTER TO ATTEND For inquiries, please contact us at aasustainability@psu.edu.

Office of Research, Creative Activity, and Graduate Studies
Stuckeman Center for Design Computing
Arts and Design Research Incubator


Opening Remarks
9–9:15 AM
B. Stephen Carpenter II, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Arts and Architecture

Opening Remarks
9:15–9:30 AM
Paul Shrivastava, Ph.D.
Chief Sustainability Officer
Director, Sustainability Institute

Keynote Address: The Black Imaginary and the Search for a Sustainable Community
9:30–10:30 AM
Julian Chambliss, Ph.D.
Professor of English, Michigan State University  
Researching Sustainability Teaching
Center for Pedagogy in Arts and Design
10:45–11:15 AM
Ann C. Clements, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Pedagogy in
Arts and Design

Professor of Music Education Engagement Scholarship for Sustainability
Hamer Center for Community Design
11:15–11:45 AM
Lisa D. Iulo
Director, Hamer Center for Community Design
Associate Professor of Architecture  

Sustainability + Computing
Stuckeman Center for Design Computing
9–9:45 AM
Jose Duarte, Ph.D.
Director, Stuckeman Center for Design Computing
Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Enacting Change Through Artistic Practice
School of Visual Arts Studio for Sustainability and Social Action
10–10:45 AM
Alexandra Allen, Ph.D.
Project Manager, School of Visual Arts Studio for Sustainability and Social Action
Post-Doctoral Scholar of Art Education

Drawdown Initiative
College of Engineering
11–11:45 AM
Rachel Brennan, Ph.D., P.E.
Director, Penn State Water-Energy-Food
Nexus Initiative

Associate Professor of Civil and
Environmental Engineering

Arts, Design, and Health
Arts and Design Research Incubator
9–9:45 AM
William J. Doan, Ph.D.
Director, Arts and Design Research Incubator
Professor of Theatre Research-Activated Design Intervention
Ecology + Design
10–10:45 AM
Charles Andrew Cole, Ph.D.
Director, Ecology + Design
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture  

Center for the Business of Sustainability
Smeal College of Business
11–11:45 AM
Daniel R. Cahoy
Research Director, Center for the
Business of Sustainability

Professor of Business Law  

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