Encourage Voting at Penn State

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For Faculty

Universities are required by Federal Law to facilitate student voter registration (AACRAO, Faculty Network for Student Voting Rights).

It only takes 2 minutes of class time for your students to register to vote or request mail-in ballots. Use these links, which also provide information on who is on the ballot:

Faculty can provide information and reminders to students about the voting process, or invite a nonpartisan group to class to register students to vote (e.g. PSU’s Center for Character, Conscience, & Public Purpose). Such messages should be devoted exclusively to voter registration. Faculty must remain nonpartisan, which means they cannot incentivize any part of the process or endorse any particular candidate or partisan agenda.

For Students

Voting is a powerful way to make your own future better. Political representatives decide things that change our lives and our communities.

President Trump claimed that science doesn’t know it, but earth will get cooler (Economic Times). Vice President Biden called him a climate arsonist and observed that climate-fueled fires, hurricanes and floods are destroying entire towns and suburbs (Guardian).

Many elections get decided by only a few thousand votes. Your vote can make a big difference.

Less than half of youth voted in 2016, compared with almost three quarters of people over 60 (Census). The youth voting rate in the US is among the lowest in the world (Conversation). The main reason is that fewer youth register to vote (Civics Center).

It only takes a couple of minutes to register, so do not delay! Use these links. The also let you request a mail-in ballot, and look up who is on your ballot:

Make sure you sign your mail-in ballot, and send it as soon as possible because rejected mail-in ballots can decide election results (CBS).

If voting by mail in Pennsylvania, be sure to seal your completed ballot inside the secrecy envelope first, and then inside the mail envelope with your signature in the specified location.

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