Climate Week Activities

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Please read, SIGN and SHARE Penn State students’ Vision of The Penn State Climate Action Plan and their strategy for accomplishing it.

Please also SIGN and SHARE the Earth Week PLEDGE from the Penn State Sustainability Institute!

TED Earth School video adventures, in Partnership with the UN, UNESCO, BBC, Earth Day, National Geographic, WWF, Nature Conservancy, Environment Day

We’re embarking on a month of daily adventures – or Quests – that will help you understand and celebrate our natural world, while learning about how dependent we are on our planet. Now more than ever, we need to protect, nurture and care for Earth – so join us to learn something amazing every weekday between Earth Day (April 22nd) and World Environment Day (June 5th). Within each lesson, you’ll find fascinating resources compiled by Earth experts and ideas for getting involved in ways that count. Join us to learn more, create, act and share your journey (#EarthSchool) towards a cleaner and greener life.

Monday, April 27

4pm | Climate change: impacts and mitigation strategies, Penn State EESI EarthTalks.

Future global warming is likely to have severe impacts on human health, agriculture, natural ecosystems, and coastal flooding. This EarthTalks panel will highlight specific areas of concern, such as human heat stress and food security. Panelists will also discuss strategies for avoiding, or at least lessening, these problems and answer audience questions. James Kasting, Evan Pugh University Professor of Geosciences, will lead the panel. Panelists are Jenni Evans, professor of meteorology and atmospheric science; Chris Forest, professor of climate dynamics; and Klaus Keller, professor of geosciences.

Wednesday, April 29

7:30-9pm PDT | EnviroLab Projects: Changing Behaviour for a Changing Climate

Thursday, April 30

9-10:30 PDT | NCSE Climate Change Summit Webinar

The Climate Change Summit is a 90-minute town hall-style game where players work together to solve a local climate issue. By The National Center for Science Education. Register here

3-5pm GMT | What Can I Do About Climate Change? by The
Salisbury Centre SCIO. Register here

This series of 6 workshops (based on Carbon Conversations, heralded by The Guardian as one of the top 20 ways to save the world from climate change) focuses on personal action for all aspects of a carbon footprint.

Friday, May 1

12pm |Uncertainty, Community, and Sustainability​. Ted Alter. Co-Director for the Center of Economic and Community Development at Penn State. Sustainability Showcase.

Thursday, May 7

1-2pm | Penn State Campus-Wide Strategic Planning Community Forum: Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources. IEE. Tom Richard

A community webinar that will share reports and flash talks from the Institutes of Energy and the Environment and the Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources initiative. Flash talk reports will also be provided by individual units/colleges on energy or environmental statuses.

Since the 1980s, Penn State has relied on planning to strengthen its ability to make careful, informed choices and to allocate resources according to evidence, judgment, and strategic priorities. Penn State’s current strategic plan, titled “Our Commitment to Impact,” establishes and elucidates the University’s priorities and goals through 2025. One of its five strategic themes is Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources. For this cycle (2020–2025), the Institutes of Energy and the Environment is working with the Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources Initiative in an effort to streamline strategic planning for both groups. Strategic Plan drafts are due by July 31, 2020.

Wednesday, May 13

3-4pm | Penn State Campus-Wide Strategic Planning Community Forum: Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources. IEE. Tom Richard.

A follow-up forum to the May 7 meeting where discussions of community feedback and unit reports will guide the future of IEE and the Stewarding Our Planet’s Resources initiative. This session will feature conversation and brainstorming for community guidance.

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