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Please read, SIGN and SHARE Penn State students’ Vision of The Penn State Climate Action Plan and their strategy for accomplishing it.

Please also SIGN and SHARE the Earth Week PLEDGE from the Penn State Sustainability Institute!


Oct 13

Oct 14

Engaging Students in Sustainability through Curricular and Co-curricular Opportunities 

Students gain exposure to and experience with Sustainable Development topics through a variety of both curricular (in-class) and co-curricular (out-of-class) educational opportunities. On October 14th at 3 p.m., Peter Buck (Academic Programs, Sustainability Institute) and Doug Goodstein (Engagement Programs, Sustainability Institute) will present resources for student sustainability education across the co-curriculum. Multiple topics will be covered, including:  

  • Courses in general education with attention to the integrative studies requirements 
  • Sustainability Leadership 
  • Environmental Inquiry and Food Systems minors 
  • Ways students can bridge the gap between curricular and co-curricular learning 
  • Ways students can get involved out of the classroom to expand their core sustainability competencies   

This webinar is intended for advisors and educators but is open to everyone. Please register in advance via this link.  

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