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Climate Crossover

Join a university-wide experiment to address climate change through interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Awaken State seeks to engage the Penn State community–students, faculty and staff—in a range of  actions to confront climate change: offering new policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, raising knowledge of the climate emergency during Earth Week, and requesting new courses and inclusive conservations.

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Join the community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to climate action and find out about upcoming meetings and events.

The Latest

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Climate Week Activities

Ongoing Please read, SIGN and SHARE Penn State students’ Vision of The Penn State Climate Action Plan and their strategy for accomplishing it. Please also SIGN and SHARE the Earth… Read more »

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Climate Crossover: Meet and Connect

Awaken State is organizing a university-wide program in April to connect diverse classes at Penn State around the subject of climate change. To facilitate connections between classes, faculty are invited… Read more »

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What do PSU Students Think of Climate Change?

In Fall 2019, Awaken State surveyed students in a variety of classes at Penn State to see what they thought about the climate crisis. The survey asked respondents questions about… Read more »